We help you define your target audience for your brand.

Get your target audience, it’s free!

We help you define your target audience for your brand.

Get your target audience, it’s free!

Detailed Research

Research is time consuming so we made it simple and easy to generate a target audience that fits your business.

Persona Development

In order to produce content you need to have an idea who your customer is and what they do.

Ready To Go Adsets

Don’t take a guess on your first Facebook Ad campaign, let us make your life easy.

Why Online Businesses With Us?

Because We:

  • Ensure you’re creating the right content, for the right people
  • Better understand how to create content that connects benefits to readers needs
  • Connect your content to your products
  • Increase conversions

World-Class Productivity Tool

Have you ever spent time and money on outsourcing content that didn’t really resonate with your audience, or perhaps had no idea what type of content to develop that actually works? No worries. We have you covered thanks to TAG. We allow businesses to save time, effort, and money by gathering research for their unique business so they’re ready to start producing content and running ads that actually work.

Fast & Easy Work

Just takes 24 hours before receiving your target audience

Ready to go

Take the information and apply it to Facebook Ads right away

What Our Users Are Saying

Great tool, easy to validate your niche and to get a content strategy planned out for your business, all backed up by real data!

Julian Sola

CEO of Primate

It’s an amazing tool! They get back to you with a whole target audience and buyer persona within 24 hours! I honestly didn’t think it was free! It for sure saved my content marketing efforts.

Veronica Vallarino

Real Estate Agent at Fendi Chateau

Answers to Your Questions

What is TAG?

Target Audience Generator is a simple tool that helps you ensure that you’re not wasting money on ads and ensures you’re creating the right content for the right people.

Why use TAG?

It’s a simple and free way to save time, effort and money. Simply answer a few questions based on your business and we take care of the rest.

How long does it take to get results?

It takes up to 24 hours from the day of submission for our team to generate your target audience.

How does TAG Work?

Simply fill out some questions and we do the heavy lifting. We’ve developed an algorithm that researches and tests out the your target audience based on your answers, industry, and product/service.

Who is TAG for?

Anyone who wants to produce and provide quality content for their audience.

 “Don’t be the company that produces content that makes no sense.”


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Happy Customers

We help you discover your target audience. Its free!

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